Lumberjack Heroes

Lumberjack Heroes is a free to play lumberjack themed incremental game infused with RPG gameplay elements.
Created with Fortnite using UEFN (Unreal Editor For Fortnite).
  • Destroy trees to collect wood and power up with various upgrades and custom abilities.
  • Discover eggs, hatch, level up and evolve pets that aid you on your journey.
  • Challenge a variety of Boss Fights with unique battle mechanics.
  • Weapon upgrade system to level up your combat abilities.
  • Save game progress with new Verse data persistence.
12.69M +Total Lifetime Plays

Gameplay Trailer

Public Roadmap

  • Visit the below Trello board for a snapshot of the current development plans for Lumberjack Heroes.
  • Disclaimer - roadmap items are subject to change depending on player feedback and ideas generated during development.
Public Roadmap