Update Notes

19th June, 2024

Update v1.12 - Performance Optimization & Bug Fixes

Performance Optimization

  • Optimized gather rate calculation (time reduced by 90%).
  • General optimization of code (small improvement to overall performance).

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a fix for runtime error caused by synced emotes.

17th June, 2024

Update v1.11 - Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Added Defeat Forest Guardian bonus accolade (awards every 15 minutes).
  • Added gather bounce effect to Elysium trees.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Immortal Tree limiter.
  • Fixed Guardian Challenger buff getting removed when eliminated outside of fight.
  • Fixed Guardian Challenger buff getting removed when player unregisters from boss fight.
  • Fixed Event Boss reward cannot be claimed is player is eliminated outside of fight.
  • Fixed Event Boss causing the Forest Guardian stock countdown timer to start.
  • Fixed UI opened audio not playing.
  • Fixed a bug where player can teleport outside of the boss fight arena.
  • Fixed egg prosperity upgrade cost rounding error.
  • Fixed a bug causing pets to show in boss fight.
  • Fixed laser audio not disabling in the Elysium God boss fight.
  • Disabled player menu while in boss room to prevent errors/exploits.
  • Updated strength upgrade efficiency button to show "Maxed" instead of "Requires Lv. 999".
  • Updated quest objective pulse to only show when player can afford.
  • Removed max strength achievement levels that was unachievable.
  • Optimized distance calculations used in pet follow/tree gathering.

22nd May, 2024

Major Update v1.10 - Welcome to Elysium

Update Highlight

Updated Thumbnail


New Content

    Elysium Area
  • Added a new area named Elysium (Greek Mythology themed).
  • Forest Guardians
  • Added 2 new Forest Guardians (Elysium Guard, Elysium God).
  • Added 2 new Hero Ranks (Divine, Immortal).
  • Added 2 new Weapons tiers.
  • Pets
  • Added 5 new Pets (Angel Slimes).
  • Heavenly Strike
  • Added Lumberjack Skills IV which grants a new ability called Heavenly Strike.
    • Applies only to Forest Guardians.
    • Ability charges up after a short cooldown, automatically activates when attacking the forest guardian to deal a bonus attack damage.
    • Can be upgraded to increase damage multiplier, reduce cooldown and increase bonus attack count.
  • Added Combat Pickaxe upgrade that enables pickaxes during boss fights (using pickaxe will no longer trigger sword to be equipped).
  • Added Egg Converter Efficiency prestige upgrades (up to +50%).
  • Added Guardian Core Multiplier prestige upgrades to increase Guardian Cores earned from Forest Guardians (up to +100%).
  • Added a new Immortal Tree upgrade mechanic.
    • A tree that instantly respawns when destroyed.
    • Can be upgraded to increase the tree's max health.
  • Added more Achievements:
    • More Prestige Crystal achievement levels.
    • More Total Pet Level achievement levels.
    • New achievement for Event Boss defeated.
  • Added more Accolades:
    • The Explorer - Unlock Area
    • The Traveller - Enter Area
    • The Strengthener - Upgrade Strength
    • The Quester - Complete Quest
    • The Champion - Event Boss

New Features

    Event Boss
  • Added a new Event Boss mechanic, fight the Golden Champion a skill based challenge where all ranks can participate:
    • The event is available at 30 minutes intervals.
    • Players need to have the weapon unlocked to be able to join.
    • Players attack damage will be normalized (all players will have the same attack damage/critical rate).
    • Boss health will adjust to the count of players participating (and adjust proportionally if a player is defeated or leaves during the fight).
    • Earn 3x the rewards of the highest level Forest Guardian that the player has defeated.
  • Forest Guardian Help Request
  • Added a Request Help button to the boss registration UI to notify other players for assistance.
    • Added an Accept Help Request to the settings menu to turn ON/OFF help request notifications.
  • Reworked Golden Tree to allow activating buffs individually.
  • Added Golden Tree to the player menu, players can now activate Golden Tree buffs from anywhere.
  • Added a new Golden Tree buff Guardian Challenger:
    • Doubles the reward amounts from Forest Guardians.
    • Buff has no expiry duration but is consumed when the player either claims a reward or is defeated by a forest guardian.
    • Costs 2 Golden Tree stock.
  • Added an information panel in the Pets building to display the chance of hatching each pet tier.
  • Added an Upgrade All button to the Lumberjack Skills menu to automatically upgrade all skills that the player can currently afford.
    • The Upgrade All button will only be available after the player has prestiged at least once.
  • Added a Number Notations info menu to the player menu. List of all number formatting used and it equivalent value.

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced the max player count from 8 to 4 to reduce performance issues.
    • Will aim to increasing the max player count back up to 8 if performance is improved with this update.
  • Weapon Augment stats reworked to scale more appropriately with tier up.
  • WeaponAugment TierBeforeAfter
    Mythic SwordCommon96.09%80.91%
    Mythic SwordUncommon98.09%91.79%
    Mythic SwordRare100.09%102.68%
    Mythic SwordEpic102.09%113.56%
    Mythic SwordLegendary104.09%124.44%
    Exotic SwordCommon180.77%144.04%
    Exotic SwordUncommon182.77%163.63%
    Exotic SwordRare184.77%183.22%
    Exotic SwordEpic186.77%202.81%
    Exotic SwordLegendary188.77%222.40%
  • Added additional levels of Egg Prosperity (egg drop amount multiplier) upgrade, max Level increased from 10 to 20.
  • Increased early game Forest Guardian rewards. Base egg rewards increased & wood rewards increased.
  • Updated Forest Guardian entry cost requirement to now only require 1 guardian essence for all guardians.
  • Added additional quick access options to the fast travel menu:
    • World Tree
    • Immortal Tree (available only when the Immortal Tree is unlocked)
    • Event Boss
  • Reworked the quest system to always show the next available quest (instead of when the player has the required currency amount).
  • Reduced the amount of weapon grade required to evolve weapons at lower tiers:
  • Weapon Grade required for Evolution
    Weapon TierBeforeAfter
    160 (+60)40 (+40)
    2140 (+60)125 (+45)
    3220 (+60)210 (+50)
    4300 (+60)295 (+55)
    5380 (+60)380 (+60)
  • Disabled Jam Loops as they were preventing players from teleporting out of Forest Guardian the arena/reward room.

Performance Optimizations

  • Pet optimizations:
    • Limited the pet gather VFX so only a single VFX is spawned at a time.
    • Disabled pet gather VFX when gathering from the World Tree.
    • Reduced the pet follow animation update rate from every 1s to 2s.
    • Implemented pet gather idle mode:
      • Pet animations will stop playing after gathering from the World Tree for more than 15 seconds.
      • Pet gather will still show in the item stream UI.
  • Auto Gather updated to grant 5s worth of wood every 5s (instead of 1 every second).
    • Auto Gather rate will revert back to granting every 1s when player has a UI panel opened.
  • Reduced item pickup VFX when using Chain Strike/Timbersaw. Item pickup VFX will only show once per gather instead of for every bounce/tree hit.
  • Optimizated the Chain Strike VFX to only spawn a single particle system instead of 1 for each bounce.
  • Replaced Character Device used for unlocking areas with Button Device (less memory).
  • Updated Niagara VFX to use appropriate Effect Types (better performance scalibility).

Bug Fixes

  • Applied a fix for Verse runtime error encountered when retrieving player saved data (ErrRuntime_WeakMapInvalidKey).
    • This should fix some scenarios of the game entering a bugged state.
    • E.g. Pets not loading/missing in player menu.
    • E.g. Area/Upgrade UI not opening after interacting with the NPC.
  • Fixed a Verse runtime error caused by Movement Modulator device (e.g. when player is eliminated while jumping on top of the Forest Guardian).
  • Applied a fix for the quest objective pulse effect not showing.
  • Fixed a bug where Eggs were not dropping from the World Tree with Egg Fortune buff active.
  • Fixed a bug where the stun VFX was not scaling correctly/not showing when the Forest Guardian is stunned.
  • Fixed a bug where teleporting to the Forest Guardian entrance, the position was offset from the center.
  • Fixed a bug where the Collect Wood accolade was not awarding when destroying trees.
  • Fixed a bug where pickaxes was enabled during a boss fight.
  • Lowered table height to allow NPCs to be interacted with more easily.
  • Fixed a bug where players can fall out of the map when hit by a Fireball while using Flash Jump (removed collision from Fireball).
  • Fixed forest guardian battle time limit progress bar was only showing for a single player.
  • Fixed a bug where Atlantis statue could be hit to gather wood.
  • Fixed a bug where player could enter the spectator mode while joining the battle at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where player could activate flight.
  • Fixed a bug where the stats UI was showing the incorrect prestige multiplier (was showing 100x more that the actual value).
  • Fixed a bug where the Atlantis Elite was not being damaged by special attacks (jump/dash/charged attacks).
  • Fixed incorrect number formatting where Tr (Tredecillion) was missing.
    • Players may notice some numbers changing but the actual amounts are unchanged.